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Lodge St Lawrence No. 144 has developed beautifully crafted, and very individual Ceremonies. The commercially available Rituals deviate considerably from the Lodge St Lawrence workings, which presented problems to Brethren keen to learn the Lodge St Lawrence Ritual.

In 1998 Past Masters Alistair Watson and Brian Kerr decided to undertake a project to produce a Ritual, which accurately reflected the Lodge St Lawrence workings. The resultant Lodge Ritual, which took three years to compile, not only includes the first, second, third and Mark Degrees as worked in Lodge St Lawrence, but also the  full opening ceremony, ballot procedure and history of the Lodge, with guidance notes throughout the Ritual giving direction on “Stage Management” of Degree Floor Work. 

The Ritual, which currently comprises of 197 pages,  in a pocket sized Book. 

The 144 Lodge Ritual is available from either the 144 Lodge Secretary or alternatively directly fro the Publishers Lulu at:- Lulu.com 

Click on icon of the book below to go directly to the Lulu site 

Text Box: Lodge St Lawrence Installed Master Ritual is only available as a personal gift from Lodge Installed Masters, details are contained in the link below.
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